For a basic installation and running environment in a single-node-setup, the following minimum hardware requirements should be met:

  • 8 physical/dedicated CPU-Cores
  • 4 GB RAM on each CPU-Core = 32GB RAM
  • 100 GB system volume for operating system and temporary data (SSD)
  • 2 TB Data volume (HDD/Network)

If the amount of data is likely to be larger than 2 TB, a cluster setup is the best way to support a ONE DATA platform installation with a minimum of three nodes to save data and execute distributed operations:

  • 32+ CPU-Cores
  • 8+ GB RAM per CPU-Core
  • 250 GB System-Volume for operating system and temporary data
  • 4 TB Data volume for HDFS

OS and environment for installation:

  • Linux operating system (i.e., Red Hat or Debian)
  • Docker (version 19.03 or higher)
  • Docker-compose (version 1.24 or higher)

Kubernetes fully supported (HELM chart available)

Browser for access:

  • Preferably Google Chrome, all major browsers supported