• Improvement to Microservices API endpoint (POST)
  • Improvement to data API endpoint (GET Request to /data/{id}/download/{linkId}/ready)
  • Adjusted ordering of columns in datasets loaded from ETL
FRT Filtering
  • Fixed filtering functionalities on numerical values when an FRT is used in a report
General Settings
  • Fixed incorrect breadcrumbs being shown in any module
Generic Resource Meta Information
  • Adjusted and updated project meta information dialogue
  • Fixed notes tab ordering and behaviour for ETL connection
  • Fixed notes of meta info in edit connection page not being saved
  • Adjusted the error message shown when a user is created via LDAP (without email address) who tries to login to ONE DATA
LDAP, Technical
  • Fixed to send username instead of email address when an external user changes their password
Machine Learning Model, Usability Improvements
  • Fixed header (breadcrumbs/logo) in upload model page
Module, User Rights
  • Removed incorrect showing of upload model button in datahub projects
  • DataTypesProcessor: Fixed precision loss due to internal rounding
  • XML/JSON Parsing Processor: Adjusted given feedback
Processors, Usability Improvements
  • Adjusted the description of the Arimax Forecast in the Grouped Forecast processor
Production Line
  • Fixed two scheduled workflows now being able to be started at the exact same time
Project Transfer
  • Fixed importing of "old" projects containing reports with Action Button Container
Processors, Python Model
  • Fixed "open model" in Python Processor only showing a blank page
Report Charts
  • Fixed issue with TimeSeries interaction when dragging a map to non-visible area
Report Container
  • Fixed size and position of elements in a report page container, which are supposed to also be shown on a second page in the same container
  • Fixed copying of a scheduler with an integrated pause, which lead to no configuration being copied to the new scheduler
  • Fixed that having a no-break space ( in an input table lead to a client crash
  • Adjusted notification endpoint in terms of status codes and response refactoring
  • Fixed bugs in the DataSourceConnectionController related to incorrect status codes
Usability Improvements
  • Fixed global search for credentials (that are shared between multiple projects) only showing the first matching project
  • Fixed schedule indication icon being shown on a workflow job when the workflow is created via a scheduled production line
  • FRTs are now correctly shown in the remove resource overview
  • Fixed the "modified" display of workflows to correctly show the info, independently of current day of the month
  • Improved usability of workflow editor in Firefox, scrollbars and incorrect workflow symbol were shown
  • Adapted breadcrumbs of reports to contain the respective project
  • Removed unnecessary scrollbars in "New Connection" dialogue
  • Fixed "share to projects" dialogue closing the second tab to early
  • Adjusted the right-click option to add processors: unnecessary scrollbar is removed and the search field is always present
  • Adjusted multiple spaces between supported variables now being correctly cropped/removed
  • Adjusted the "go to Dataset" shortcut (alt+D) in a browser to properly redirect the user to the Datasets view
  • Adjusted the user count in a group overview to correctly update when a user is removed from the group
  • Adapted the tooltip of workflow names in production lines if the name is to long
  • Adjusted the icons of two schedulers to correctly update both icons when both schedulers are set to active
User Rights
  • Adapted project updates sometimes failing due to necessary "projectType" property not being set
  • Fixed number variables being able to be increased using the "^" button
Workflow Editor
  • Fixed datatable filters in the Dataset Load Processor
Workflow Jobs
  • Only fully executed workflows (save&run) are now shown in the job list and are therefore used for reports, as debugged partially ran workflows can cause problems in the report