Apps, Portal
  • Portal and APPS does not work in Develop-Mode in IE
Data API
  • Fixed corruption of ETL Data Sources
Data Sync, FRT Visualization, Report Configuration
  • Fixed error message from Filter in FRT processor
Data Wrangling
  • Fixed deletion of data by create and replace
Dataset Preview
  • Fixed not scrollable dropdown for representation type
Dataset Upload
  • Add support for all Timestamp columns of Oracle
FRT Custom SQL
  • Adjust behaviour of Edit-Mode after removing of Custom SQL
FRT Filtering
  • Added Filter for visualization from FRT processor to an existing report
FRT Visualization
  • Fixed problem in report view
  • Fixed error message in processor report view
Generic Resource
  • Adjusted storage of Meta Information for ETL connections
  • Fixed upating Modules of LDAP user by Domain Admin
  • Fixed user variable with LDAP users
  • Add mapping for all LDAP attributes to user variable
  • Adjust settings page
  • Fixed scrollbars inside processor config
  • Fixed headers of processor report-view
  • "Open model"button opens the related model
  • Add support for number columns from oracle in flexible ETL load processor
  • Fixed UI problem in configuration sidebar of processor config
  • Fixed truncate table when overwriting a DB2 database with the same schema
Report Download
  • Removed the CVS download for the debug info
Production Line, Scheduler
  • Fixed workflow execution in production line by scheduler
  • Fixed copying of workflow schedule for a production line
  • Adjusted copying of production line scheduler
  • Fixed update of default project for users after deletion of the project
  • Fixed typo in package name
Usability Improvements
  • Improved active icon color of buttons in processor config
  • Fixed pagination controls in FRT report container
  • Improved closing of pop-up windows
  • Fixed view of long resources name on project overview
  • Adjusted the "Without Project" toggle button
  • Added module selection for new project creation
  • Adjusted the naming of overview option
  • Added view of empty search result
Production Line, Variables
  • Fixed error by dataset deletion in product line variable
Workflow Jobs
  • Fixed workflow corruption of Breakpoint execution with Integrated Workflow processor