With the Add Multiple Column Name Prefix Processor, the names of specific or all existing columns can be changed at once.


The processor works with any valid dataset.


Select Columns: Select the columns to which a prefix should be added. If this field is left empty the prefix will be added to all columns.

Prefix: Choose a prefix which will be applied to the selected columns. 


As a result of the Add Multiple Column Name Prefix Processor, all selected columns are renamed.


It can be helpful to set a prefix for every column in a data table, e.g., when joining datasets of the same type of data. 

In this example we will use a dataset with station data (attached at the bottom of the article) for which we will rename the columns.


The Workflow loads the dataset with the Data Table Load Processor, then the columns will be renamed and saved to a Result Table.


In the configuration menu, the selected columns are "dockcount", "installation", "landmark" and "name". We'll prefix them with "station_" to clarify what the data in the columns is about.