The Transposition processor changes the format of a given table by inserting the values of multiple selected columns all in one column. It creates two new columns, the first contains the column names and the second one the corresponding values.


The input dataset should be a table with at least one column.


Column Selection Method: There are three possible ways for column selection

  • Select all columns: Selects all columns from the input table.
  • Select columns explicitly: Selects all columns of the input table that are specified in the configuration below.
  • Select columns by regex pattern: Selects the column by the given regex pattern in the description below


The output is a table that contains a new value column with all converted values form the attributes specified in the configuration, plus the identifier column with the former values. All columns from the input dataset that were not selected are also contained in the result.


Example Input


Example Configuration

Just a simple configuration that selects all columns of the input data set for conversion.