This processor determines all distinct values of a selected column. Afterwards, all following operations are applied to every single element of those distinct values (like a for loop which is only applied to distinct values)


This processor operates on any given Dataset and it can be configured as follows:


The processor will arrange all input entries by the values from the selected column.

The output of this processor can be visualized by a Result Table where a drop-down will be used to select values from the selected column in "Foreach" Processor:

Generally this processor is used along with Forecast Metrics For Foreach.


In the following Workflow we used Custom Input Table to create a toy Dataset, Horizontal Split Processor to divide it into training and test sets which both will be fed to a Decision Tree Regression Forecast, which output will be linked to a Result Table (direct visualization of the forecasting processor output). The forecasting output is also linked to a Forecast Metrics Processor and a Foreach processor. Then the Forecast Metrics For Foreach Processor is linked to the output of the Foreach processor.

The workflow looks as follows:

Please refer to the attachment to follow the Workflow execution.