Client Version: 1.23.0 Server Version: 1.18.1

Release Date: 11.12.2019


  • Added a "small" KPI Layout -> At the moment only possible with single value KPI's
  • We added Conditional Colors to the KPI Element
  • The APP Index in the APP Builder is now sortable
  • We added a Datefield range picker
  • It is now possible to add data to a HTML Element



  • Added Infinite Scrolling to history -> Loads initial only the last 20 versions of your app.
  • JSON validation and compressing is now done by the server. Should fix the lag after changes in the APPS Editor


  • Fixed horizontal scrolling in a table element
  • Disabled navigation to element / layout / datasource in the APP Viewer
  • Navigate to element / layout / datasource works now in the app preview (seperate preview tab)