This processor is used to load the selected Data Table into the Workflow. This Data can then be used by processors.


This processor does not require a predecessor processor, and it can be configured as follows:

It is possible to use System variables and/or Workflow variables to search for the Data Table:

NOTE THAT: if the option of resolving the Data Table by ID is activated, the selected Data Table will be referenced by its ID, so even if its name changes, it will still be referenced.

To deal with invalid rows, the processor provides three options:

  • drop invalid rows without notification
  • create warning
  • create error


The processor has two output nodes:

  • Left Node: includes the successfully loaded entries from the Data Table
  • Right Node: contains the set of invalid rows

Both outputs can be visualized via a Result Table.


As the statistics state in the Data Table Load processor, the Dataset has four columns and twelve rows.

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