This processor uses REST connections to execute REST API GET, POST and DELETE requests.

This processor needs an existing ONE DATA REST connection.


The processor requires a Dataset including a column containing the URL segment that should be added to the base URL for the REST API. This can be done by linking the processor to a Custom Input Table for example.

The processor menu looks like the following:

Request Method field (third one) is mandatory and contains GET method by default.


The processor has two output nodes:

  • The first output node (left node) returns the result JSON Object.
  • The second output node (right node) returns the failing URLs along with the corresponding error messages.



Create a simple connection (you can use "https://api.publicapis.org/" as Base URL which is an open api)


Create a Workflow, add a Custom Input Table Processor and fill a column with some URLs (use some of the suggested URLs in "https://api.publicapis.org/") and this column will be used in the processor (third configuration)

But the output here is in JSON format and it is not easily exploitable.

A the solution is to combine the output with a XML/JSON parser processor:

In the configuration of XML/JSON parser (JSONPath) we used $.entries[*] to parse all the values inside the objects from entries array
 exp: $.entries[*].API => map all values of "API" property from all objects inside "entries" array

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