This processor uses REST connections to execute REST API GET, POST and DELETE requests.

This processor needs an existing ONE DATA REST connection.


The processor requires a Dataset including a column containing the URL segment that should be added to the base URL for the REST API. This can be done by linking the processor to a Custom Input Table for example.

The processor menu looks like the following:

Request Method field (third one) is mandatory and contains GET method by default.


The processor has two output nodes:

  • The first output node (left node) returns the result JSON Object.
  • The second output node (right node) returns the failing URLs along with the corresponding error messages.



Create a simple connection (you can use "https://api.publicapis.org/" as Base URL which is an open api)


Create a Workflow, add a Custom Input Table Processor and fill a column with some URLs (use some of the suggested URLs in "https://api.publicapis.org/") and this column will be used in the processor (third configuration)

But the output here is in JSON format and it is not easily exploitable.

The solution is to combine the output with a XML/JSON parser processor:

In the configuration of XML/JSON parser (JSONPath) we used $.entries[*] to parse all the values inside the objects from entries array
 exp: $.entries[*].API => map all values of "API" property from all objects inside "entries" array

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