The Multiple Doublify Processor changes value attributes to type Ratio-Scaled / Double.


The processor takes any valid dataset as input. It converts any numeric values (also those of type string) and datetimes to double values.

Note that Values with format datetime get converted to a numeric timestamp with type double as well.



The input dataset is forwarded to the output with the selected columns converted to double (if possible, else it is to the default value).


Example Input

As example input, we have four columns:

  • A: contains numbers in text/string format
  • B: integer values
  • C: text values that are invalid for conversion
  • D: datetime values


Example Configuration

In the example configuration, all columns are selected, and the default value is set to 999.


In the result, all columns got connverted successfully, except "Invalid" . To check if the type of the columns is now a double, we can either check the table entries under the projects Data Tables view, or open the "Json Result" tab of the table:

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