The Advanced Input Table (AIT) is a feature applied on Filterable Result Table (FRT) containers in a report. It provides the viewer the possibility to edit, sort and filter data directly from the report.

IMPORTANT: the AIT feature is only available in view mode.

How it works

  • Create a workflow containing an FRT processor then create a report with a container of this FRT's result.
  • Under the edit mode, open "Edit Mode Settings".


  • In the side navigation menu, scroll down to edit mode and toggle the "Set table editable" button.

  • Switch back to view mode and click on the edit button that appears in the FRT result container.

  • The user is now able to apply modifications on the table. Modified cells are colored: The green color corresponds to valid input. The red color corresponds to invalid input.

  • The user may as well perform ordering, simple and range filtering actions. 

  • Once all modifications are applied, the user can save the changes (all changed cells should be green which implies having correct input). The button "Discard changes" removes any applied changes.

  • The applied changes are saved in the current report as well as ONE DATA database for all users, including the corresponding workflow FRT.

  • Run the workflow again in case the original input is to be retrieved.

Full Demo