The Binarization Processor generates multiple binarized columns from one source column for each unique value in it. Each binarized column will contain a 1 in a row when the corresponding nominal value is present in the source column, otherwise a 0 is entered.


The binarization can be applied to any nominal column. However it does not always make sense to create a dummy variable.


Selected Column Name: Select the source column for the binarization

Prefix: Specify a prefix for the newly created binarized columns

Note that for the prefix only text is allowed, no special characters or spaces


The binarized columns created via the binarization will contain either the values 1 or 0. In case of a 1, the value is present in the source column. Otherwise the value 0 is displayed. The new columns can be used as a dummy variable for further analyses.



As input, a dataset with one column containing country names is used.



As an example configuration, the column "Country" is selected. Also the binarized column names should have the prefix "Binarized".