The Inverted Filter Processor discards entries in a dataset that appear in another one.


The processor needs two input datasets. The dataset serving as a filter has to be connected to the left input port. The dataset to be filtered has to be connected to the right input port.


In the configuration the filter and the match datasets need to be specified.


The processor outputs the filtered dataset.


In this example we want to generate a subset from the Forbes dataset, that contains sales data for various companies of different sectors and from various countries (it's attached at the end of the article). As a result, we want all sales data except from United States companies.


This is a snippet of the first 26 rows of the Forbes dataset:

The filter dataset contains only one value:



In this workflow, we load the Forbes dataset using a Data Table Load Processor. The filter data is inserted using a Custom Input Table. Additionally to the Result, we also save the original, unfiltered data, to a Result Table.


As a result we get the Forbes dataset without companies from the the United States.