The Variable container makes it possible to insert and manipulate workflow variablesin a report. Therefore change some processors' output without navigation.


Steps to Follow



  1. Create a workflow and add any processor having a configuration
  2. Add variables to the workflow and insert them in the processor's configuration
  3. Create a new report for the workflow
  4. In the report add a new container by clicking "Add Report Container" or by double-clicking in the empty canvas (under edit mode)
  5. Select "Variable" under the Application Element column
  6. In the configuration, add variables to display from available variables.



The result table has 5 rows in the output


The result table has 50 rows in the output


1. Variable Container Settings

    Choose which variables to display in the container and edit their display.

2. General Chart Container Settings

    Change the background color and and choose whether to display the container title.