The action button can be used to trigger/execute the report workflow or a chosen production line within the report view without navigation.

Steps to Follow

  1. Create a workflow and add any processor (optional)
  2. Create a new report for the workflow
  3. In the report add a new container by clicking "Add Report Container" or by double-clicking in the empty canvas (under edit mode)
  4. Select "Action Button" under the Application Element column
  5. Select a button type in the configuration


1. Select Button Type

    Choose between two available actions: Execute the report workflow or execute a (chosen) production line.

2. Button Label

    Edit the button display and set the corresponding label.

3. Tooltip

    Set a tooltip for the button.

4. Confirmation Dialog

    Choose whether to show a confirmation dialog or not.

5. Show Configuration Element

    Select the configuration elements to hide/display in the container.