Main Navigation

When logging in, the user is directed to the main view that contains ONE DATA modules.

all the the buildings block from the service modules are combined in "Use Cases".

By clicking, the user navigates to the following page:

The projects table shows all accessible projects within the user's current domain. The actions column in this table gives the user a quick overview about their rights within the associated project. Accessing a different domain can be achieved by clicking on "Change domain settingsin the navigation menu. Using the breadcrumbs in the toolbar, the user can keep track of their current location inside of ONE DATA.

Inner Project Navigation

After accessing a certain project, the user is directed of an overview. Main information about the current project are presented: 

  • The domain
  • Creation and modification date
  • Groups that can access this project and their roles
  • Last used resources
  • Number of created data sources (Data tables, Workflows, Models and Reports)
  • A side navigation bar with relevant action buttons, etc.

A Resource tab is also available for further navigation into more ONE DATA features. Here resources can be created, deleted, shared and imported using the actions in the side navigation menu.

Navigation Drawer 

The main navigation drawer gives the user access to the main functionalities of the system. This includes the Project Overview, Application Health, Settings as well as logging out of ONE DATA. It can be accessed by clicking on the Navigation Button in the tool bar.


The settings are accessed using the navigation drawer. When navigating to settings, the user can access his account information (Email, Name, Password, Default domain, etc.). Other settings can be accessed in the side navigation menu.

Within some setting screens, the user is presented some extra actions.