Client Version 1.34.0    Server Version 1.28.0

Release Date: 08.04.2020


  • Apply column styles to filter elements, e.g. to format dates or numbers
  • Trigger Microservice on Table save

  • Variable transfomations: lookup/lookupByVar allow to traverse complex variables


  • Fix issue that would highlight rows as edited after fetch based on the same row index. Always match via Row-ID instead.
  • Introduce error state for elements. Will be shown in Table, KPI, Highcharts and HTML elements if an error occured on data retrieval or sync set reconciliation (GIF 1)
  • Prevent elements from showing loading indicator if a nested element retrieved distinct values (Reported case: Table showed loading after filter dropdown was opened)
  • Always persist session ID variable across reloads, even if no other state is set