Client version 1.42.0    Server Version 1.33.0

Release Date: 07.05.2020

  • Cast variables to the given type. 

Important Note: If you used the so far ineffective type attribute with value 

"object" where the variable is injected in your config, you may have unexpected 

results as this will be interpreted as JSON to structurally extend the config

  • Directly enter the "cell" edit mode, not just after clicking into the table
  • Add info icons and dialog to user Management Access Rules


  • Fix hover effect on tree view
  • Let the Autocomplete-Dropdown find adequate space in table
  • Fix only last valueMapping being applied
  • Don't break if columns specified in column config are not available
  • Don't invalidate cells if their value is reset (Note: if null is not a valid option and allowNewValues is false, this will still be considered invalid)
  • Re-allow deleting rows with all uneditable cells
  • Allow bigger websocket messages to fix issues with workflow notifications, downloads and table updates
  • Fix height calculation of settings page after reload and center Access Info / Delete Prompt