Workflow jobs are a way to keep track of previous workflow executions. Each time the workflow is executed, a new job is created and the processors configurations are saved.

Jobs View

Jobs can be accessed through the button "Show Jobs" on the left navigation menu. 

The job view appearing to the right displays a time descending list of current and former executed jobs. 

It is possible to search for jobs using job names.

An element of the list contains:

    → An icon representing the state of the job. A green icon refers to a successful job. A yellow icon refers to a jobs under execution. A red icon refers to an unsuccessful job.

    → A job name set by the user. The default job name holds the job version.

    → The job creator, execution time and creation time.

    → A button that opens a window with further job information (descriptions, keywords, notes, etc.)

The job view also contains a pagination at the bottom.

Clicking on an old job will load the corresponding execution configuration and results. Furthermore, an orange round arrow will appear at the top left of the workflow view. This button will load the newest executed workflow version.

Job/Config State

The button "Job/Config State" will provide a deeper view over the state of the workflow execution.

The following example shows the state of an unsuccessful job.