Client Version 1.52.0    Server Version 1.39.0

Release Date: 18.06.2020

Required ONE DATA Version: >= 46.34.0


  • Added variable Type Boolean.
  • Added a CheckBox element.
  • Added the ability to change the Start and Stop Editing label of a Table-Edit Button.
  • Added a property to disable the Execute Button.
  • Add flag to send full deleted rows instead of just Row IDs.
  • Reflect the disabled state (e.g. produced by hooks) also in the value options.


  • Prevent edited value in table being lost on blur.
  • Don't consider empty string as null when it's in the valueOptions.
  • Ensure state is the same entering and leaving edit state multiple times.
  • Validate valueOptions in new rows.
  • Fix a bug which prevented the redirect after clicking on a link in a table cell with escapeHtml=false.