What's new

  • Multiple LDAP Support
    LDAP can be configured in ONE DATA to support tree-like organization units
  • Tag-based isolation-groups for WFs triggered via microservices


  • Integrated Workflow processor
    • configuration elements for the input & output IDs optional
    • Regarding duplicated microservices inputs or outputs in the IWF: Some erroneous edge cases were fixed and descriptions in the IWF processor have been changed to warn users that setting duplicate
      microservice input IDs in the processor is dangerous; Every configuration that worked before still works
  • Behavior of datetime variable picker adapted
  • Impala fetch performance improved
  • "Copy to clipboard" functionality when exporting a workflow
  • Visualization for the status of a workflow and a production line added to the overview


  • Key creation during connection creation fixed
  • Investigation & Cleanup for download of large files
  • Optimization of GraphQL requests in report execution

Overall 17 bugs were fixed.