Server Version: 46.39.0 Client Version: 1.181.0

  • The full syntax support for jooq in regards of impala is now enabled.
  • MSSQL, Impala and Postgresql Drivers will be automatically deployed on cluster-environments.


  • LDAP users can now be created with more than one module.
  • Workflow can now be imported even if they are connected to a report.
  • Large schedulers which means that they have a lot of finished jobs can now be deleted. Before that this could let to a crash of the instance.
  • Moving a data table to another project doesn't lead to an error message by the execution of the regarding workflow anymore.
  • Regarding invalid details in connection creation/editing we have made 2 changes:
    • Making the request details mandatory (from client side only). That also means, when an existing connection is changed, now it requires request details.
    • Always executing "testConnection" when a REST connection is saved.
  • We fixed the mapping of column types so now it is possible to load all kinds of oracle tables into One Data.
  • If changing a workflow in a production line the version will now initially always be set to "latest".
  • An action button in a report which starts a production line doesn't stop the project transfer anymore.
  • If a session timeouts the user doesn't get a white page anymore but instead gets let immediately to the login page. 

Overall 24 bug fixes.