Client Version 1.60.0    Server Version 1.48.0

Release Date: 17.08.20

Compatible with: OD 46.39.0 Portal 1.4.4 OAuth 1.0

What's new

This release may require adaptions to the modules assigned to users

It removes a workaround hiding the "Use Cases" module for users that have (exactly) "Use Cases" and "App Viewer" access. 

A migration was introduced with OD 46.39.0 removing the "Use Cases" module for users with that module access. It may be necessary to add this module again for users that previously had access to "Use Cases" and "App Viewer" (if desired). Reducing the module access was necessary to avoid unintended escalation of the users module access. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Critical Bugfixes

  • Fixes a problem that internal/external users can't be added to a git-managed app if there is already a GitLab account linked to an OD-account of the other type.
  • Fixes endless loading of the list when trying to create an already existing branch.
  • Fixes a problem that data can't be retrieved if there are null-values in timestamp-column