Server Version: 46.40.0 Client Version: 1.182.0


  • Project Import / Export
    • Extension of the project export, so that all versions are exported and not only the latest version
    • The project export has been adapted so that unused keys in the project are also exported
  • User Management
    • Optimized the performance if domain contains a lot of groups and users
  • Data Tables out of connections
    • Added more information for Oracle Data Tables in Data Table detail view


  • User Management
    • Updated the view of removed user group in an Analyses Authorization rule
    • Resolved the problem that renaming an existing role allows duplication
  • Data Tables out of connections
    • Fixed loading of Oracle Data Tables in workflows
    • Additional fix of the mapping of column types to load all kinds of oracle tables
  • Several minor improvements of Datetime visualization

Overall 24 bug fixes.