Client Version 1.63.0    Server Version 1.50.0

Release Date: 02.09.2020

Compatible with: OD 46.41.0 Portal 1.4.4 OAuth 1.0

What's new

  • Adds a possibility to define ColumnStyles for ProgressKPI.
  • A format for SQL error messages can now be defined for data tables (like it was already possible for connections).
  • The version of the Apps Server and Client can now be viewed in the settings page.

Major Improvements

  • Allows app admins to set an app git-managed from the settings tab (without making an API-call via Postman).

Major Changes

Adds a new table style, which causes following changes:

  • Column titles are left aligned (option for center), medium weighted and without background.
  • All tables will be in striped style, complete white columns are not possible anymore.
  • No visible borders between columns anymore, we only use white space now.
  • Empty rows are not visible, except there are less than 2 rows, in this case we show at least 2 empty striped rows
    (if there is a footer and no rows we display empty striped rows until the footer is reached).
  • The new footer also has no background (like column titles) and the font weight increased to create visible difference between rows and footer.
  • Grey background circles of the pagination navigation arrows got removed (we still have feedback through brightness difference on hover and different mouse cursor).

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug which caused errors if the data result for Highcharts was empty.
  • Fixes a problem that an app sometimes can't be set git-managed anymore if a previous attempt failed.
  • Improves the visualization of error messages in tables.
  • Fixes a value rounding issue of the ProgressKPI.