Client Version 1.65.0    Server Version 1.51.0

Release Date: 15.09.2020

Compatible with: OD 46.43.1 Portal 1.4.4 OAuth 1.0

What's New

  • Server Side Filtering. Should allow Sync Sets on datasets that thusfar were out of scope due to too many distinct values

There are performance issues to this feature in combination with complex SyncSets. The next release will add a flag for making server side filtering optional.


  • All datasources in an app must be datatables stored in Postgres for the server side filtering to become active. If your app already uses Postgres stored datatables exclusively, it will be active without changes on your side, so check you apps!
  • As filters are also subject to distinct value limitations, you may only be able to filter via range filters or workarounds in your app. A follow-up apps release this week will get rid of this limitation.
  • Feature is not yet optimized for performance.
  • Requires ONE DATA 46.43.1.