Server Version: 46.44.0 Client Version: 1.186.0


Module for Project Import / Export:

  • UI and functionality for exporting and importing projects
  • Added endpoints for downloading and importing zipped files
  • Bugfixes regarding error messages and server start behavior


  • Possibility to edit the Meta Info of resources out of list view
  • Smaller improvements of error messages


  • Additional header parameter for API requests using ONE DATA Auth key added
  • EXCEL download via the Data Table API improved
  • Different approaches for deleting schedules with many executions added
  • Log of python processor is no longer cut after 10k characters
  • SQL Editor: changed the application of transformations to statements, adapt handling of execution errors & improved result loading
  • Added timezone parameter to MySQL Connections
  • Fixed the issue that Database Connection Load converts queries to lower case
  • Updated the "Support & Feedback" Link in ONE DATA

Overall 31 bug fixes.