Server Version: 46.45.0 Client Version: 1.187.0


Module for Project Import / Export:

  • We are able to import/export postgres Data Tables.
  • Rework the user rights for import/export on server side to enable the project owner and domain admins to export projects and domain admins to import projects.
  • Add proper toast messages to show the status of the import/export execution.
  • Add a button to the import page to show the user the log of the download.
  • The options for projects and modules is now restricted to the accessible ones.
  • Some remaining issues have been fixed.
User Management Customizations
  • It is now possible to specify and use the username instead of the email address for login via SAML.


  • The leak of sensitive information from OD to other, less trusted systems (e.g. log servers) was found and closed.
  • Database tables that have been overwritten by ONE DATA using a workflow and the Data Table Save processor can be added as a correctly functioning data table to ONE DATA again.
  • If a data table has a not accessible linked workflow, then no error messages comes up now and the link is not clickable.

Overall 8 bug fixes.