Client Version 1.69.1   Server Version 1.52.5

Release Date: 07.10.2020

Compatible with: OD 46.43.1 Portal 1.4.0 OAuth 1.0

App Builder Docs Version: 2.4.2

What's new

  • Adds FAQ section for Documentation (within the App Builder).


  • Dropdown values in an editable table are not lost anymore during editing when data source gets updated via a new workflow job.
  • Do not override the original value in an editable table with value options.
  • Transformations like filters, sorting and SQL statements applied to elements and datasources are now also added to requests when server side filtering is enabled.
  • Table Row Filter is not shown after click (border is missing).
  • Resolves elements with predefined filters fetch data several times.
  • Updates the link to the support page (