Server Version: 46.46.0 Client Version: 1.188.0

This release needs a pydata update to at least version 1.4.1. We recommend using 1.4.4. 


Project Import / Export Module

  • Support exporting/importing indexes of managed postgres Data Tables
  • Added property that allows to export projects without data tables
  • User is able to switch to the transfer module from classic OD
  • Cleanup & additional RestAssured tests
CSV Parsing Processor
  • The new processor can take a defined column and parses its single cell value into an CSV table output

Group Models in Python Processors

  • Python script can create models for a group
  • Python script can load models of a group
  • Python processors can create a model group with multiple models assigned to it
  • Python processors can load all models of a model group


  • Timeseries Chart works again
  • Workflow page from wrong project is no more shown
  • Problem solved regarding fetching tables of MYSQL connection
  • Added consistent Support & Feedback link
  • Raw data tab now shows results even if the workflow contains a variable

Overall 25 bug fixes.