Client Version 1.74.0    Server Version 1.56.1

Release Date: 16.11.2020

Compatible with: OD 46.44.0 Portal 1.4.0 OAuth 1.0

App Builder Docs Version: 2.6.0


  • Enhances the readability of tooltips.
  • Added options to disable the Workflow/Production Line Execution Button after a User clicked it.


  • Remove an invalid sentence from App Builder Docs which said its possible to get variables out of table highcharts and other elements than filter elements.
  • Synced multi select filters remove selected values if the values do not occur in their filtered source data anymore.
  • Fix error that table columns are not editable if Sync Sets are not specified in the App config.
  • Disable Autocomplete / Autofill for the App Name textfield