Server Version: 46.47.0 Client Version: 1.189.0


Enable Usage of Different Spark Execution Context in ONE DATA

  • Added technical basis for following topics
  • The spark context can be configured manually in the properties
Python Execution Context
  • Having scripts as integrated ONE DATA resource, to be able to manage them in ONE DATA
  • Add functionality to create/read/update scripts
  • Overview page of existing scripts
  • Detail page for functions including an editor


  • Loading of Production Lines and Production Line Jobs optimized
  • Improved performance of statistics calculation
  • Performance improvements in the user settings
  • Several smaller UI and visualization improvements


  • Fixed Data Table visualization in Data Table Load Processor for variable usage
  • Database Connection Load Processor now works with a Hive Connection
  • "Copy with Header" functionality of Result Table contains line breaks
  • Add fix for occasionally missing parquet files
  • Created Model Groups can now be seen by other users
  • Production Line usage of different versions and variables improved
  • Fixed the issue of Excessive Spark containers logging

Overall 38 bug fixes.