Client Version 1.76.0    Server Version 1.57.0

Release Date: 08.12.2020

Compatible with: OD 46.44.0 Portal 1.4.0 OAuth 1.0

App Builder Docs Version: 2.7.0


  • Add select deselect all toggle to filter dropdowns.
  • Red dot should be shown in History if config is invalid.
  • Enable autocomplete on Filter element with single select mode.
  • Dropdowns of Value Options in a table do not have enough space to see all values.
  • A horizontal scrollbar in a table appears if the last column contains a Value Options Dropdown.
  • Cannot see a newly added row in a table because its covered by a scrollbar.
  • If a value in a Value Options dropdown is to long no ellipsis is shown.
  • Remove IE 11 and Legacy from Apps Docs and global docu review.
  • Set cursor in new table row.


  • Table data loaded twice after page change.
  • Builder List is refetched every ~30s.
  • Filter is takes very long to render.
  • The App Viewer gets an mouse click indicator on each element independent of there is something clickable or not.
  • Table cells has browser autofill (dropdown) with random values.
  • Sync Set issue with custom SQL column which can not be found.
  • Preview in new tab does not update if branch is switched.