Server Version: 46.50.0 Client Version: 1.192.0


The ONE DATA release 3.32.0 contains improvements and new functions for the usage of Virtual Data Tables Workflows and the Spark Execution Context, especially the definition of a target project.


Virtual Data Tables on Data Tables

  • Virtual Data Tables can be loaded in Workflows via the Data Table Load Processor
  • Determination and storage of the Virtual Data Table schema after creation and editing
  • Additional check of the schema on the Virtual Data Table detail page

Enable Usage of Different Spark Execution Context in ONE DATA

  • Definition and usage of a target project in ONE DATA
  • Introduced the possibility to configure computation contexts on project level
  • Adds target project fix for Virtual Data Tables and for running Workflow jobs


  • Removes log messages that are not necessary
  • Improvement for performance on sharing & unsharing of resources and granting & revoking access for projects


  • Fix for schema mismatch pop up of Virtual Data Tables
  • Debug results are again shown in Processors
  • Improved handling of Model and Model Group creation if the resource already exists in different project
  • Time Sequence Processor does not replace existing index anymore
  • Improvement of the general search
  • Hive connection - partition column has no alias

Overall 14 bug fixes.