Client Version 1.87.1    Server Version 1.61.4

Release Date: 17.02.2021

Compatible with: OD 46.51.0 Portal 1.4.0 OAuth 1.0

App Builder Docs Version: 2.17.1


  • The variable single select does not have search
  • Clicking into filter dropdown the cursor should be set into the search field to allow immediate typing
  • In a single select with search the user gets the results based on a like search
  • Possibility to have neither breadcrumbs nor sidebar navigation


  • Highcharts Tooltips do not get displayed after filtering source data
  • Show internal error messages to App Builder in console
  • Server side filtering leads to wrong results in Apps visualization (data seems to get cut off)
  • [Edit Table] The last entry on a page (>1) can not be deleted