Server Version: 47.0.0 Client Version: 1.194.0

Release Date: 05.03.2021

Compatible with: 

  • Spark-settings 1.0.0
  • FaaS Server 2.1.0
  • Apps Server >= 1.63.0 | Client 1.88.1


The ONE DATA release 3.34.0 contains improvements and new functions for the Spark execution context assignment on project level.

ONE DATA Release 3.34.0 is only compatible to the latest Apps release: Server 163.0 | Client 1.88.1


Enabled Usage of Different Spark Execution Contexts in ONE DATA

  • List of available Spark Execution Context for Super Admin
  • Un- & assignment of Spark Execution Context to Domains for Super Admin
  • Add Spark Settings button in ONE DATA

Python Execution Context

  • Integration of Python Execution Context within Apps as endpoint


Python Execution Context

  • Python Execution Context improvements based on feedback


  • Fixed functionality of sending notification for Virtual Data Tables and Data Tables

Overall 16 bug fixes