Version Server 1.67.0 | Client 1.93.0 | Docu 2.18.10 | Styleguide 0.61.2
Released: 30.06.2021


  • ONE DATA 46.51.0
  • Portal 1.4.0
  • OAuth 1.0


  • Set project in App Creation (new App creation view)
  • Implement search and sort ability of App Builder list
  • Implement search and sort ability for App Viewer list / grid
  • Consume project events sent by ONE DATA Core
  • Persist user preferences for Apps lists (Builder and Viewer)
  • Adapt access rules for Super Admin, Domain Admins and project owners


  • GraphQL Query for App list with filter throws NPE
  • Changes to a variable used in the sourceoptions of an element do not trigger a reload
  • Variable select change is not reflected in datasource of table