Version Server 1.70.0 | Client 1.100.0 | Docu 2.21.0 | Styleguide 0.65.0
Released: 04.10.2021


  • ONE DATA 48.3.0
  • Portal 1.4.0
  • OAuth 1.1.3 


  • Get Logo from local file instead of Zeplin
  • Errors of a sql are directly shown
  • Compatibility with partials is revised
  • SQL syntax highlighting works with Apps Variables
  • All short-cuts work for all supported OSs and Browsers


  • Usage of new SQL editor corrupts references to variables
  • Adapt excel Download to new Endpoint in OD (Apps Server and Client)
  • Clearing filter input does not show all options again
  • No error when referencing non-existing syncset
  • Escape Characters are handled differently in the SQL Editor (and preview) and the json editor (and table)