Step 1: Download wheel file (please see attachment below)

Step 2: Open PyCharm and install the wheel file in a Virtualenv environment

  • Create a new project using PyCharm with the following settings (project location can be whatever you want):

Make sure that you are creating a new environment using Virtualenv

  • Copy the wheel file you downloaded in step 1 and paste it in the root folder of the new project
  • Open the terminal in PyCharm (a small tab at the bottom of PyCharm)
  • Install the wheel file using the following command (make sure to replace "\" with the actual version in the wheel file name)

    pip install onedata_python_sdk-<version>-py3-none-any.whl

Step 3: Test if the SDK installation worked

  • Create a folder called "src" in the new project
  • Create a script file inside the src folder with the following code snippet:

    from onedata.api import OneDataApi

    od = OneDataApi(base_url="", username="",
    password="stakeholdertester", verify=False, timeout=10)
    print("My token is:", od.token())

    user_info =
    print("My username is:", user_info.username)
  • Run