This is an updated version of the Flexible REST API Processor. The changes that were made in this version are (potentially) breaking, so a separate Processor was created. Both Processors will exist in parallel. In the future the old version will be marked as removed, i.e. existing Workflows will stay as they are but it will no longer be possible to create the old version of the Processor (through the UI). The new version added an additional configuration parameter and more information to the output of the Processor.

This Processor uses REST connections to execute REST API GET, POST, and DELETE requests.

An existing ONE DATA REST connection is necessary for this Processor. 


The Processor requires a dataset including a column containing the URL segment that should be added to the base URL for the REST API. This can be done by linking the Processor to a Custom Input Table for example.

The Processor Menu looks like the following:

Request Method field is mandatory and contains the GET method by default.


The Processor has two output nodes:

  • The left output node returns the result JSON Object.
  • The right output node returns the failing URLs along with the corresponding error messages.

Both Processor outputs will also include columns with information on:

  • Request execution time ("ExecutionTimeMs")
  • Request start time ("ExecutionStart")
  • Request end time ("ExecutionEnd")"


An example of how to use this Processor can be found on the documentation page of the original Processor version.

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