Data Product Transfer/Update 

Enabled import and transfer of linked data products

Feature improves Data Product Import and Update of projects that share data tables:

  •  Now a user can define related projects during import or update (as shown in the picture), to automatically share common data tables between projects without additional manual effort.

Documentation: *your_instance*/project-transfer-docs/project-transfer-documentation/projectUpdate/projectUpdate.html#linked-data-products

Classic ONE DATA

Cloud connector Improvements  

Cloud Storage Metadata processor improvements (AWS, AZURE, GCP):

  • Processor does not fail anymore due to corrupt files.
  • The list of metadata provided by the processor is extended.
  • The processor has 3 outputs now: 
    • Metadata Output: The output Dataset provides information about all (readable, not supported, corrupted) files in the bucket. 
    • Column Information Output: The output Dataset provides information about every column in every readable file in the bucket. 
    • Error Output: The output Dataset provides information about corrupted or not supported files in the bucket. 
  • Documentation:
    • AWS Storage Metadata Processor:*your_instance*/processors/processors-docs/processors/load/awsStorageMetadata.html.
    • Azure Storage Metadata Processor:*your_instance*/processors/processors-docs/processors/load/azureStorageMetadata.html
    • GCP Storage Metadata Processor: *your_instance*/processors/processors-docs/processors/load/gcpStorageMetadata.html.

Project Overview Page Improvements

  • New section “Latest scheduled executions” is added, to give user better overview on latest executions.
  • Counters for all resources in the project are now displayed.
  • Improved page design and performance.

ONE DATA becomes compatible with Postgre 14

Now ONE DATA is compatible with Postgre 14 and the version can be increased on request:

  • ONE DATA can use a Postgre DB Version 14 as metadb and datadb.
  • ONE DATA can connect to a Postgre DB Version 14 via Connection.

Additional parameters for OD Connections

Additional Parameters can be added when creating a OD connection, like establishing a SSL encrypted connection. 

Mailjet is replaced by customer specific Mail servers

A configuration possibility for the Mailjet credentials is added to the helm chart configuration.

App Builder & App Viewer



Parameters can be used at Screens, Layouts, Placements, Elements, and Partials and can be used to reduce code duplicates, as they provide a way to change properties without rebuilding whole components. 

Parameters can change the value of a property or the value of an inline Parameter within the value of a property: 

Parameter Values 

Parameter Values can be specified at Pages, Screens, Layouts, Placements, and Elements and are used to change Parameters values: 




UI/UX Enhancements

App Builder: Changeable width of Editor and App Preview areas

Simplified publishing workflow

Instead of the old two-step workflow of first selecting a version and secondly publishing the App in the App Viewer, the App administrator can now directly select and publish a version or simply click publish to automatically publish the latest version.

In Settings view:

In History view:

Other features

  • Function endpoint directly writes to table:
    A new Function Endpoint Config to set Datasource Values, which allows to use data in Apps, that has been returned by a function.
  • Possibility to check usage of configuration properties:
    Super admins can request which Apps on a certain instance use certain features and configuration options, which makes maintenance easier and allows to drop no longer required legacy properties.

Custom Components

Data Landscape

  • Performance optimisations
    • Optimised zoom and panning.
    • Removed asset animation.
    • Increased batch size for lazy loading.
    • Added throttling for pan/zoom events.
    • Improved lazy load function performance by changing the rendered AssetIds data structure to hash table 
  • Remove box-shadow of edge control and update edge icon.
  • Extract saving controls component to reduce code base complexity.
  • Improve documentation
    • Fixed hyperlinks.
    • Typos.
    • Fixed grammatical errors.
  • Normalize Drawers.
    • create a generic component for the drawer  and utilize  zoom and edge controls.
  • Improve spider mode.
    • Edge in spider mode is selectable
    • Source and target nodes of only selected edge are shown.
    • Multiple node selection only shows edge only related to selected edges.
    • spiderMode.mp4
  • Technical improvements to ensure our high quality and easy of maintenance of the component.
    • Break down component into smaller components
    • Add unit tests, integration tests
    • Introduce composition API
    • Introduce principled state management solution
    • Speed up e2e tests locally
    • Adopt typescript usage