ONE DATA Classic

Bug-fix description

An issue was fixed that caused the scheduler page to become unresponsive when editing the schedule time.  

OD version

Correct OD Platform version is displayed on Docker Compose installations

App Builder / Viewer

Bug-fix description

The issue, that in the edit mode of a table the "empty" cells contain "(null)", was fixed so it shows now an empty field until the user selects a value.

Filter elementAn issue was fixed that caused for the default value of filter element to show "(null)" instead of "nothing selected" if the property "autocomplete" was activated.
HighchartsHeatmaps are no longer disappearing if applying a filter on the same data source. 

Custom Components

Bug-fix description
Data upload form

The data table preview message is now only shown after selecting a table and if it make sense.

Graph visualizer

An issue was solved that with growing number, the Graph-Visualizer did not render properly.

Navigation cell

The property "lockAppWhileEditing" works as expected again.