ONE DATA Classic

Bug-fix description
File System Connection
  • It is not possible anymore to create a data table from a File System connection with an already existing name. A respective warning is now shown to the user.
  • An error message in Data Table Statistics and in a Workflow Result will be shown if a CSV in the merge rule has diverging schema.
    • The name of the corrupt CSV file can be found in error messages issued by the Data Table Load processor.
  • The domain specific whitelist is now displayed below the global whitelist in the file system connection settings.
  • Data Table Load:
    • In case a Data Table used in the processor was deleted,  an error message is shown in the processor. It will inform the user that the Data Table is not available anymore.
    • The presence of null characters ('\0' or 0x00) in invalid rows of a CSV no longer break the Data Table Load Processor when "Parser mode on invalid rows" is set to "Create warning". Note, that the null characters will be stripped from the data samples that are contained by the warning message for technical reasons.
  • Data Table Save:
    • Re-saving a Parquet Data Table with the same name as Postgres is now works from the first time. There is no need to re-open the processor and change the storage type twice.
    • A meaningful error message is shown if more then one save processor target the same Data Table. 
  • Custom Input Table:
    • Shortcuts with two and more keys work now after updating the Custom Input Table. 
  • Cloud Storage Metadata Processors:
    • If uploading a new CSV file, the timestamps are correct now and will be provided in the UTC format.
  • Random Number Generator:
    • CSV-files can now be uploaded successfully in the Random Number Generator. 
Data Table
  • Filtering over string column that contain null values works now and does not freeze the open tab. 
  • Data Tables with any kind of URLs can be uploaded and do not lead to crashes or freezing tabs.  
  • Updated event based scheduler rules can now be executed. 
  • Updating the metadata of a scheduler targeting a production works now and does not throw an error anymore.
  • When saving a time based scheduler the correct success message is shown. 
Production Lines
  • Aborted production line jobs where not shown in the production line job overview. Now all jobs are shown and in the correct state. 
Workflow Jobs
  • Workflow jobs that failed immediately after execution where shown as running, unless the user checks the job manually. Issue was fixed and the correct status of the jobs is now shown immediately.
User Administration
  • Unnecessary scrollbar in the user administration page was removed. 
Resource sharing
  • The entries in the resource sharing dialog are now aligned correctly.
  • The performance of operations on user (sub-) groups and viewer (sub-) groups was reduced due to superfluous reads from the database. Moreover, the generating of the response to successful REST API requests was reduced. Slight performance improvements can be expected.
  • Performance for workflows with variables was improved by by optimizing the underlaying loading mechanism and how variables are retrieved. 

Data Product Transfer

Bug-fix description
  • An issue was fixed that let the update fail, if the executing user can not access all the resources that should be updated. Now the update will succeed, and the user is informed about the resources that could not be updated via a warning.  

App Builder / Viewer

Bug-fix description
Bug-fix description
App Table
  • An issue was fixed which caused value selection inputs in tables in the edit mode to be placed behind the pagination at the bottom of a table
  • An issue was fixed, which caused multiple autocomplete dropdowns inside edit inputs to be reopened after they were scrolled to inside a table
  •  Filtering:
    • If the user is on any page other then the first one and a filter is applied to the table, the user is redirected to the first page
    • If the filters clear the table (it has 0 results) the page count goes to 1 and the pagination gets disabled
    • An issue was fixed that sometimes the filters keep their selection, even if all filters were reset
    • If duplicate entries would exist by using column formatting, they are not shown anymore
    • The column filter menu shows a warning in case the column has value mapping applied to warn the user that the search for filter values might not be successful
  • An issue was fixed, which caused warning messages inside of tables with value options to contain the wrong message
  • An issue was fixed, that caused fixed-columns to not be fixed anymore after some scrolling occurred
  • An issue was fixed, which caused nothing to be visible when custom cells were rendered in the edit mode.
  • Hide "Download" button from tables that can't be loaded due to errors or while they're loading the information.
  • Disable the "Edit table" button when the table's not loaded due to an error.
Filter Element
  • If the list of possible options is empty, the "select all" button gets unchecked
Custom Elements
  • Icon Information
    • The information box is displayed correctly again
App Builder
  • An issue was fixed where the editor would paste whole schema during autocomplete of a single property
  • An issue was fixed, which could cause apps with server side filtering to fail loading data, in case the syncsets have not been configured with syncMaps.
  • The pasting of copied file with dependencies via menu is working again as expected
  • The right-click-menu display on download button click in App builder was removed
  • Solved the issue that didn't show the app name as title of the browser tab when previewing an app via "Preview in new window".
  • Configurations with "@" partial instantiations is now validate and error messages have been improved.
  • An issue was fixed, which prevented an app builder from using additional CSS properties in column styles apart from those which are explicitly allowed, as the validation would set the app configuration to invalid. The column styles now allow to set any CSS property.
  • App History:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the loading spinner not being show in the config history. Also fixed a bug that prevented the config history from showing when navigating there from the settings page
  • Settings:
    • Fixed an issue where there was an empty space when scrolling through the group overview page
  • Improving the table performance, when rendering, editing and pasting. Also allows pasting more rows

Custom Components

Bug-fix description
  • Fixed inconsistent sidebar animation in apps
  • Fixed misplaced context menu in app builder
  • Fixed an issue, that multi-select breaks if it includes null values
  • Fix overflowing asset labels on different zoom levels
  • Fix selected asset border highlighting
  • Fix asset text color bug
  • An active save control now prevents the user to switch levels
  • Fixed an issue, that prevented Keyboard shortcuts to work when map is selected
  • Auto-complete feature:
    • Autocomplete accepts empty object in between the list
    • Remove Automatic preselection of null as default value
  • Text that is overlaid by dropdowns is now hidden behind the dropdown and can not be seen through.
  • An issue was fixed, that broke unsaved layouts if objects were edited.