ONE DATA Classic

Bug-fix description
Bug-fix description
  • The "Date Time Picker" for Workflow and Product Line variables and processors is visible again.
  • Data Table Save
    • An issue was resolved that prevented the user to use multiple Data Table Save processors in a single workflow to write different CSV files in a Filesystem.
  • Custom Input Table
    • The edit field for the table header appears in correct position. This issue appeared after scrolling to the right if the table had enough columns for a scrollbar to appear.
Project export / import
  • Export
    • An issue was resolved that caused the failure of the project export and a locking of the exported project. This happened if the project contained a copy of a workflow together with the original workflow.
Data Tables
  • Saving a data table that contains NULL values in timestamp columns is possible again.

App Builder / Viewer

Bug-fix description
App Tables
  • An issue was resolved that prevented saving empty cell values.
  • An issue was  resolved that caused misaligned table cell content, if HTML was rendered in the cell.